28 June 2017

NEW WEBSITE - suzy ultman

Top artist Suzy Ultman has at last created a brand new website to showcase her fabulous talent. For the first time Suzy gives an overview of many of her client projects and it also includes a portfolio of cute repeat patterns. You can check it out for yourself online here.

BEDDING - sunny todd/zig zag zurich

ZigZagZurich have announced the launch of their new a Sunny Todd Prints Collection. ZigZagZurich collaborates with artists and designers, both established and new, to translate their art into unique collections, transformed into textiles. The new Sunny Todd Prints Collection features blankets, pillows and duvet covers. Sunny works with his wife Emma on each stage of the process (design, colour selection, printing), and they draw and cut each shape by hand. This unique way of working gives their prints beautiful irregularities and dynamism. See the collection online here.

CARDS - home again creative

Home Again Creative are passionate about making memories with the people around you, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, and filling homes with joy & whimsy. Their current range includes hand-lettered and illustrated greeting cards, art prints and screen printed tea towels. You can see more at Home Again Creative.

27 June 2017

CARDS - eloise renouf

Vintage store Winter's Moon have introduced a range of greeting cards by Eloise Renouf, well known for her excellent mid century modern designs. There are seven cards to choose from all with Eloise's distinctive style and gorgeous colour palette.

DESIGNER - caitlin keegan

Caitlin Keegan is a illustrator and pattern designer based in New York who has created fabric/gift wrap collections for sale on Spoonflower. Two of her intricately designed collections are Farmhouse and Wildflowers....

DESIGNER - viktoria rodek

Viktoria Rodek is a Hungarian illustrator and surface pattern designer who is currently based in London. Viktoria loves mixing colours and is at her happiest when mixing paints and spontaneously creating shades. Her biggest inspiration comes from nature and she loves to draw animals with human attributes particularly with children's books in mind. Here are some examples of Viktoria's work with many more designs in her portfolio here.

26 June 2017

SUMMER 2017 - oliver bonas

This beautiful painted floral design in exciting colours is a part of the latest Summer collection at Oliver Bonas and features on gift wrap and packaging. Also perfect for their high summer offering is a selection of tropical trays featuring jungle leaves cut from painted paper. Here are my print and pattern highlights but you can see more online at Oliver Bonas.